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Pearse House

To quote Philip Levy, Director of Pearse House:
  "We engaged the services of Alan and Tricia Shacklock recently when we required the addition of a database which needed to host details for 30,000 schools. As an organisation we lacked any depth in computer skills and Streamline Web Solutions Limited spent time to ensure that we could access the database easily and also extract details without having to run up and down ladders. Streamline Web Solutions Limited is highly professional and thoroughly mindful that their abilities need to be condensed into pragmatic, bite-size pieces for easy consumption by the general public.
The Shacklocks are a thoroughly professional couple who, throughout the consultation, were capable of understanding our exact requirements and were prepared to work the hours necessary to resolve our problems.
We felt they represent a pleasant manner and represented good value for money. They also highlighted the value of bespoke programmes and demonstrated that these need not cost disproportionately. We have no hesitation in recommending them to other clients."

Pearse House is one of the country's top venues for hosting business meetings and conferences, management training events and social functions.

In order to manage such diverse events, they needed a consolidated and centralised Contact Management database of all their clients. The system had to be accessible by all administrators within the organisation, and, above all, easy to use and flexible in it's outputs.

The core requirements were:

  • Hold detailed levels of contact information
  • Allocate contacts into one or more groups
  • Load data from external sources into the database
  • Perform full database searches
  • Produce mail shots for single or multiple contacts using configurable mail-merge documents
  • Maintain history of all correspondence to enable follow-up communications
  • Produce flexible reports based on user-entered parameters

In order to design a system to cover all the needs, we undertook a complete requirements gathering process.

Once we had agreed what was needed, Streamline wrote a detail specification of what the system would do.

The specification was agreed and development commenced.

The project was delivered on time and to budget, along with a comprehensive User Guide and on-site training.

This system was implemented in 1999, and is still in use to this day!


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